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この三連休は毎日、アメリカ・テキサス・オースティンで開かれる音楽が特に有名なお祭り「SXSW: South by Southwest」の映画イベントに参加しています!

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初日の映画は、アリスクーパーやジミヘンドリックスなどなど有名アーティストを手掛けた凄腕プロデューサーShep Gordonについえて語られた映画「スーパーメンチ」でした。



This weekend all of 3 holidays I’m joining “SXSW Tokyo Screening Week 2016”.

At this event, we filmmakers or those who are interested in making films can have the lecture by SXSW film director!

On the first night I watched “The Legend of Shep Gordon“, the movie describes legendary music producer Shep Gordon who managed Alice Coooper and Jimi Hendrix and more and more artists.

Watching this film, I felt that great producer seemed to have so good luck and talent and great personarity.

Also, the topmen or stars who became rich or famous were happy but at the same time they are quite alone and almost all are killed by what they built and gained…

I think having big dreams or ambitious is a good thing and they try best to achieve the goals…but what is the true happiness??

Maybe I can’t understand as long as I’m not standing at their position.

sxsw event


SXSW film event report continues… 🙂